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Galaxy watch active 2 with LTE

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Why sell galaxy watch active 2 with lte if you cannot provide its full feature. The reason why I bought this because it can work independently. Only to find out that I cannot send text messages if it is not connected to my phone or if my phone is off. What’s the use of lte then?



The LTE feature is so that as long as your phone is on you can leave it at home and still be able to talk, text stream music, etc. on your watch without having to have it with you. That way if go out for a run or jog you can leave your phone home and not having to have it strapped to your arm and still be able to listen to music as well as take any phone calls or texts you may need to address.


The Samsung and Apple Watches both require them to have a device they are paired to and they must be powered on in order for the functionality to work as it’s basically using your phone to forward data to the watch vs having to be in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi range with the non LTE versions.

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Hi there. I just got my Active 2 LTE watch but I do not have a Samsung phone. However it is an Android 10. The Telus representatives(billing and support) tells me that I can not connect the watch to my phone. However I am forced to pay $10 per month for a data plan for the watch. I thought I needed LTE for other apps on my watch. The reps from Telus and Samsung didn't or can't give me specific information on  why I can't connect the network to my watch.


According to Samsung for a non-Samsung phone to be compatible it needs "Phones with Android 5.0 and RAM 1.5 GB or higher are supported."


When I go through the walk-through on my watch to connect the watch to a network the watch tells me that "Telus doesn't offer mobile plans for your watch." Then I'm thinking now that it may not be the devices that can't connect but it's Telus that does not have a plan for the watch. Anyways now I'm paying $240 over the two years for something I can't get. 😞


Oh, and I had a Galaxy Watch 46mm a couple years ago.With my phone off  I can still receive calls and texts with my watch when I'm out of bluetooth reach of the phone.


I did hear from somebody that if a person used a Samsung phone, put your sim card in it, set up the network through telus, then switch the sim back to your non Samsung phone, it would work. I don't have an confirmation on that though.


Anyways take care. Still looking around for answers or money to buy out my watch then sell it lol.

For the initial setup it requires a 2017 Samsung device or newer so if you can find someone that has a device you can pop your SIM card into once it’s activated should be able to reset it and have it connect to the galaxy wear app on a non Samsung device afterwards.  


Have tried this with 2 Pixel devices and were able to connect after initializing it using a Samsung device.

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Ya, I can try that. So frustrating, a person has to do all this extra crap to connect to another Android.