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How to send MMS using non-Smart Phone?

Friendly Neighbour

I have this Alcatel OT 871A phone I have used for a few years. This is NOT a Smart Phone. See here:


I can send SMS text no problem. The phone can also be set up to send MMS but when I try it never gets sent and I get an error message "Configuration Error!"


Nothing I have tried so far works. I have made sure that Data is turned on. I have the following setup screen with the following entries:

APN = ( I have also tried

Username =

Password =

Authorization Type = Normal


Under Advanced Settings:

Homepage =

Connection Type = HTTP

Use Proxy = No   

(I have also tried: Proxy = Yes, Proxy Address =, Proxy Port = 80, Proxy User Name = <blank>, Proxy Password = )


Primary DNS =

Secondary DNS =

IP Address =

Subnet Mask =


How do I get this to work?


Community Power User
Community Power User

What type of MMS are you trying to send? Non-smart phones may only be able to send simple picture messages.


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