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Device shipping delay

Friendly Neighbour
Now, 8 days has passed...
However, Telus is not even shipping it.
I have called to customer center and webstore many times and they said they cannot track it and cannot explain the reason.
Yesterday, I finally called to loyalty retention team and they said maybe it is out of stock and I have to wait.
Out of stock??? The device I have ordered is now still listed on telus device shopping website.
It means telus is still getting ordee from other customer even though it is out of stock??
Already 8 days has passed...
I dont know how long I have to wait more...
Dear telus... Could you pls send me my device asap???


@TIM44  Many complaints about this. No one here can help you. I would cancel the order With a emailed copy and refund and ( PRINTED ) I used some of my rewards $50 for prepaid mc it took  4 MONTHS TO GET TO ME never again.

Friendly Neighbour
Thank you. polecat

Ya. You are right.
I have had similar situation when I had tried to use my reward point.
However, this time I ordered their main product cell phone device. I also renewed my plan and bought new 2 year contract.
Telus is cellphone company. But their attitude is really... not modern....
They have computer system connected with inventory stocks.
If they do not have item in stock, they have to stop selling it until they have in stock.
It is very basic way and very easy to control with their network system.
But they just try to sell and let many customers wait long time... And they are not sure when they can have item in stock.
Even now, they are still selling LG Velvet Grey color in their website for new customer.
But customer is not aware that it is out of stock and even Telus does not know when they can have it in stock again...
This year is 2021. However Telus system is still on 1980s system.
I am from Korea. If such kinds of situation happened in Korea and continued for many customers... I am sure that company in Korea has already disappeared in the market.
I think Canadian customers are too good, kind and slient to service ptoviding companies...

Thank you very much, Polecat!!!

Friendly Neighbour
Last evening, I got a call from Telus.
They said that LG FREE EARBUD was out of stock (LG Velvet phone was in stock). And that was the reason they did not ship my package for 8 days....
It means it took 8 days to check if the free earbud is in stock or not...
Anyway, fortunately they said they are gonna send different brand earphone for free instead of LG one. I agreed.
However they said that I should wait anothe 5 - 7 business days for processing.
It means that it would take totally 2 - 3 weeks after ordering.
I am waiting for the shipping confirmation email. But I did not receive it yet...


Anyway, fortunately they said that they can send other brand earbud in