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Cracked screen

So I cracked my screen on my phone last night, and so today I decided to call telus.. I pay 15 a month for the telus device care plan.. however when I called they told me they couldn't help but call Asurion.. so I do, however they tell me they can't do anything to help me but call Samsung 😐 So I call Samsung but they couldn't really do anything cause I didn't have the Samsung plus care plan which I had no idea about.. so my question is what the hell is the point of paying an extra 15 a month for a device care plan and not have ANYONE help you and give you the run around! Also not give you any solutions to help with this problem.. their device care plan SUCKS!


With Device Care it would be Asurion you would have to go through for a claim.


Easiest way to file would probably be by going to and clicking on the get started link and should guide you through everything through it.