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Bring it back

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Hi! So my term with Bring it Back is done and I wanted to upgrade from a iPhone 13 Pro to a Samsung S24. Problem is, the girl told me since the back is cracked I’d have to pay $430 to RETURN the phone. Then if I wanted to keep it I’d have to pay the $430. What??

Community Power User
Community Power User

Double check your contract. If you want to return the phone on the Bring it Back program it needs to be undamaged, so there may be a repair fee. Your contract should outline the costs to keep the phone instead.

Some details here.


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Friendly Neighbour

There's literally no incentive for them to keep you as a customer after your bring it back plan is done. Every TELUS rep told me that there's either an upgrade to a new plan or a pay out the phone once BIB is done. When I asked why a customer would want to stay with Telus given these terms (since they're basically treated as if they are a brand new customer after the Bring it Back plan is done), he said the "bring it back plan allows customers to get the newest phones at a price they couldn't otherwise afford!" - I guess meaning they have zero incentive to provide you with service.


Anyway, my point is to avoid their service centre as much as possible cause it aint worth the time - either filing a complaint with the CRTC) or by paying out the phone and selling it elsewhere. I had the same phone and same upgrade phone, and the buy it back price with Apple was identical to what Telus gave me for it. You can probably repair a cracked back at a repair shop or heck, buy a back piece and figure it out on YouTube!

The CRTC won't do anything in this case. Telus spells out the terms for the program clearly on their website, including what condition the phone must be in.

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