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Bring It Back Program and Telus is so untrustworthy

Helpful Neighbour
So my term was up, usually I go in store to do the bring it back but I’ve done it a good few times now so I figured I’d save myself time and do it online.
Never. Again.
I got the text saying my phones been accepted so look out for a credit, great! I knew it would be, it was in mint shape, even took time/date stamped pictures just to have as proof it went out PERFECTLY fine.
Then of course, I get my bill.
$800, they’re charging me for the full bring it back balance of the phone saying it was damaged. Trying to get answers from anyone is next to impossible, and now apparently it’s being investigated and when I asked for proof of the alleged damage OR who can I send proof to that the phone was in fact not damaged like they’re saying, I get told there’s no email I can send it to.
It’s incredibly frustrating because I’ve been with them almost 10 years and it’s not like I tried to send a phone back and was hoping for the best, I KNEW there was nothing wrong with it.
Has anyone dealt with anything like this? What did you do? Because no one seems to be helping me and I’m ready to take this public.
I will no doubt be switching providers.


Helpful Neighbour
Also just figured out my phone got sent to Mobile Klinik I’m assuming they’re the ones who assessed it not even Telus themselves? Might have to just reach out to them directly.

Hi @bailx13 I'll send you a message


- Eric

Your message was no help. I have been on the phone with Telus all week, also one of your representatives was supposed to call me back today and surprise, they didn’t