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I have 2 teenage boys that are EATING my data like no other since they got new xboxes for Christmas. I've read other articles saying that we can block specific devices though the zte web user interface, however, the URL provided in other tutorials doesn't work. How do I access this so I can block their xboxes? We went from less than 250gb per month to over 1tb and I'm not liking the cost. 

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People have had varying success with restricting specific devices through the Telus router interface. Possibly add a second router with more complete controls, and turn off the Wi-Fi on the ZTE unit.


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Try logging into the following address from a web browser connected to the hub “http://telus.ztesmarthub”.  That should take you into settings and from there if click on advanced and then firewall it should give the option to block the MAC addresses.


To view the MAC address on the Xbox if go into settings and then advanced settings toward the bottom should show the wired and wireless MAC addresses, once you add those to the blocked list on the smart hub they should no longer be able to connect.


One thing to be aware of though is even most disc based games will want an update when they first launch and quite a few are 10-25GB+ in size.


Isn't an unlimited plan about $15 extra per month?  It is one thing to limit the time spent on gaming systems but quite another to cut off or limit bandwidth.  Something they are doing is above normal usage for these devices.  Best to find out what that is. 

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The unlimited option is for DSL and fibre. The OP appears to be using a ZTE cellular smart hub instead. 

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