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4G only works with WiFi

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Over the past few days my telus service has stopped working fully when not connected to WiFI. I can still call and SMS although some people complain of failed deliveries with text messages. What I noticed is that Google maps and Wave have no or limited GPS. I can not use many apps and have to have WiFi service to use most apps. Started a couple of days ago and Telus rep suggested I restart my Android device. Done that a few times but it seems like the issue is with Telus service. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

I would suspect it's device specific and not the service in general. Is your phone the only one in the house? Which model of phone do you have? Was it bought from Telus or elsewhere? What operating system is it running? Did you install a new software update recently just before the issues appeared? Do you have any kind of anti-malware utility installed on your phone?

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@penguin wrote:

What I noticed is that Google maps and Wave have no or limited GPS.

Maps uses your cellular connection and WiFi as well as GPS for location information. Are you sure it's GPS that's not working? GPS has nothing to do with your TELUS service and indicates your phone has a system or hardware issue.