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telus gmail migration: can't access my google groups:contact Organization Administrator for access

Just Moved In

Hi everyone,

After the telus gmail migration I cannot get to google groups.

When I try go to any google group URL i.e. i briefly see a Telus logo and then this message below

We are sorry, but you do not have access to Google Groups. Please contact your Organization Administrator for access.


I think it is because telus gsuite administrator has turned this off BUT I need to access these groups and my email address is what I have used before to access google groups. 


Help, can anyone advise me how to get through this?


(this telus gmail migration has not been easy)


Thanks for any tips

We are sorry, but you do not have access to Google Groups. Please contact your Organization Administrator for access.


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My wife is having a similar problem.  She can't access her clients goggle docs files with her telus email addresses now.   Her Telus accounts don't have access to google docs anymore even though they used to.  I'm trying to figure out a way to toggle between the email version of the account and the regular google version of the account.  I've done some searching but haven't found a solution yet.

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I've got the same issue. I received an email with .wav file attachments but can't open them as I don't have access to Google Docs. This is yet another frustrating issue I've encountered with the transition to Google mail. And yet another call to technical support. Not happy. 

I'm in a similar situation. Since migrating from Telus Webmail to Telus Gmail all my contacts have been wiped out and I no longer have access to my Google docs. I'm so upset with Telus. They have the nerve to call the migration an "upgrade"

Helpful Neighbour

This is why I'm afraid of upgrading. I can't afford to lose access to things on my main google account (which is linked to my telus email).


Did anyone figure out a solution to this problem?


@DougSmythies  The telus gsuite does not give you access to the google accounts. You have to use your own gmail address only way. What a mess. Polecat

@polecat: thank you for your reply. Since my post, I have found many many more. This is ridiculous. I just want to click on links sent to me via e-mail, or whatever. Now it is a saga, sigh.



The telus email account on google is limited to email only so does not have access to all the other things you use with your google id - (groups, YouTube, blogger, etc).


I was migrated last year. I am the owner of a google group, so I was affected. I noticed before the migration (from blogger) that my google id had morphed into a new temporary name. The format is where telus_name is your telus email id. This is done in the Google universe so that your new email account does not conflict with your original google id when your telus email account is migrated to gmail. The name was an alias prior to the migration, so I could still logon to Google functions. I went into my google group and added my telus email id as a second google group member prior to the migration.


I forget the exact steps I took before and during the migration to create and merge accounts. I now have a email id and that is my main google id to access google apps. My google logon shows both accounts, and I can log onto either to access gmail. My id has my original join date in my google group. My id is a separate account for gmail and it works for other google functions. Somehow during the migration, my temp account was associated to my new id. I have 2 separate gmail accounts, my converted account, and my new account.


Sorry for the long explanation. The useful information is that your google id may still exist as the temporary id described above. You might be able to log into google with this id, and access your google apps. Not sure if you can assign this old google id to a new google account to keep your app personal data intact. If not, then the other option is to create a separate, brand new id to access google apps.


Good Luck




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Community Power User


i believe the steps you followed are described in the following location: "Steps to activate your upgraded email account" on the support pages. From there you need to click on "Choose an account" -> "Personal Google account


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Hi all,


Thank you for taking the time to reply.


I did all the migration steps, resulting in 3 google accounts: the google hosted telus one; My original, older, gmail account; And a 3rd gmail account as required for my very very old "google webmaster tools" that was linked to my telus e-mail address.


The root issue remains, even if  I first logon to my 3rd gmail account, making it the default account. The issue is that  I can not simply "click" on a link to a google doc sent to me via my telus e-mail address. However, it seems I can now simply "click" on a google maps link sent to me via my telus e-mail address. Nor, can I copy the link and access the document via a new browser window. This is a problem.

Hey there! I created a 9-step guide on how to resolve the "Please contact your Organization Administrator" issue. Hopefully it could be of use to those who are experiencing the error. 

I have tried this but Google won't let me set up a temp account with the email we have been using to access our Google accounts.

Used the temp account formula but Google says "account not found"

Very frustrating as Telus has been zero help and we pay for a business account.

Cannot access our website on Blogger.

Any other ideas?