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Unusable speeds on 2.4Ghz band

Just Moved In

We have Telus 1gbps and recently moved and brought the router along with us. At our old location there was no issue, but in our new home the 2.4ghz band is extremely slow. I'm getting about 0-3mbps on my phone sitting next to the router using the speedtest app. On the 5ghz band I'm getting about 500-600mbps. I tried talking to a support but unfortunately they were unable to resolve it. Does anyone have ideas on how I can troubleshoot this?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Which router are you using?

I'm using a T3200M with firmware 31.164L.22

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Community Power User

Have you tried changing the wireless channels or forcing the T3200 to re-scan for a less congested one? See:


Additionally, is your new place an apartment, strata, or condo where you have a lot of other networks nearby? That can sometimes have a big impact on 2.4GHz speeds. It did for me for a while but since the last T3200 firmware update it looks like it has improved for me. I'm getting 48.9mbps/24.6mbps (Fibre 300) on 2.4GHz but it is definitely better than the 0-5mbps I was seeing before. Switching to 5GHz is giving me 253mbps/51.3mbps.

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@Chilly604  maybe check wifi signal strength.  I use  ( )  Load in laptop you can see all networks in your neighbourhood. On the 2.5 ghz i get get minus 47 to minus 42 35 feet away from 3200 the 5ghz maybe minus 69. You can find all the dead spots like behind the fridge.  Shows where you may have interference from other users then change chanels on the 3200..  A MINUS 47--52 IS REALLEY GOOD           Polecat