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WiFi Boosters now obsolete?

I recently moved and had Fibre setup at my new house. During the setup, the technician took my old Telus Gateway router and left a Boost-6 router in its place. Now, none of my WiFi Boosters from my previous setup (which was also Fibre at my old place) work anymore. They get a solid blue light, but do not create a WiFi signal or connect in the Telus Connect app. Have these been made obsolete to push WiFi Plus?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. The Wi-Fi 6 would definitely take the place of the Boost system, as it's a far better product. If you're experiencing issues, you can always reach out to our Tech Support team and they can look into options or to see if your old system can be put back in its place.

No thank you. If this is the trouble Telus is going to surprise me with, I will buy third party hardware.

You may ask for additional wifi 6 booster and return your old one. Hope this helps

Community Power User
Community Power User

If I recall, you can enter the individual Boost unit webmin pages by finding the Boost IP addresses in your router admin page, and manage them from there. The Wi-Fi6 hub acts as the first Boost unit.

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Hi TomPer, yes. Your old ones are not compatible. You may return them to Telus. Enjoy 😊 your new wifi 6.,