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Why is TELUS not addressing the issue the migration to Google's webmail has caused with POP3?

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I rely POP for my email. IMAP does not suit my needs at all.

My email account was migrated to Google's webmail on May 5. While I can still send email from my Outlook client, I can no longer receive messages. Each time I speak with a Tier1 tech about the inability to receive mail on my Outlook client since that change, I am told they are aware, of the issue, and to "just try again in 2-3 days." 


The migration to Google’s platform began sometime in March according to TELUS, but here we are in mid-May and I cannot get email via their POP server on my Outlook client because apparently it STILL doesn't work, two months later. So, I can only conclude that this "try in 48-72 hours" is how agents get me off the phone/off the chat, but has absolutely no basis in terms of when the issue might actually be fixed. 


The only other option offered is to speak to Tier 2 support. For which I must pay, though that isn't usually mentioned. Not sure what they can do, will they tell me more about why it doesn't work? Whether it is a widespread issue or only experienced by some users? Will they be to fix my problem? And if all they say is sorry, no can do, how much will that cost me? Well, I can't find out what they might say because I get cut off every time I call as soon as I select the IVR option to pay for the privilege.


What is it going to take? Is TELUS is no longer interested in providing POP and just isn’t telling their customers?


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The outlook data file (with extension pst) contains everything, ie, all your emails, contacts, calendar etc. You can even open an existing pst file without creating an email account and access your emails, contacts & calendar in it. This way you can create a new POP3 account (with new data file) for Telus email by google and still keep all your old emails in a different pst file. This would be the equivalent of keeping your old account.




1. You can keep your old account and create a fresh POP3 account for new telus email. Here you'll select the option of " new outlook data file".

2. Delete your old account and use the existing pst file to create the new account. Everything will remain the same and new emails will be arriving over your existing emails. This would be like your old account never stopped working.

3. Delete old account and use the pst file as stand alone without an account and create a fresh POP3 for new telus account.

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I do now. Thanks for setting me straight. My frustration over the lack of support form Telus spilled over.

Hi, I have also spent considerable time trying to set up POP3 instead of IMAP.  Should I delete the IMAP set up before I try to add POP3? I ask because I have tried as many variations of the setting as I've seen here.  Nothing works. I have Windows 10 and MS 365. Your link here show SMTP port as 587 whereas the generic  info got googl/gmail shows 465.  Could that be the source of the problem? 



You may find this post by @Tony1000 helpful. I got frustrated with Outlook years ago and dumped it for Thunderbird. Microsoft seems to keep changing Outlook without providing any continuity. Thunderbird upgrades often, but does not seem to leave anyone behind.

Crazy. Thank you. I’ve used Firefox for years. Don’t know how I missed this. Do you have the settings to use POP3 ?

On Monday, September 21, 2020, TELUS Neighbourhood <

I am afraid I don't know the POP3 settings. I used IMAP when I set up Thunderbird to use the GSuite GMail. 

Thanks for reply. Turns out can’t have POP3 with TB. I might go there anyway just to get out of the clutches of Google.



I like the way Thunderbird behaves with GMail using IMAP. It is not just a viewer of the GMail, it actually mirrors the GMail and keeps a copy of your mail on your hard drive. Editing can be done in either Thunderbird or Gmail, and the changes update on both TB and GMail.

I’m out of my depth Clearly and will do some research, don’t want to waste your time. I thought it was the gmail part I’d get away from. But it is the Outlook part? I still wanted to stay with POP but that seems a lost cause. All the info on Telus says both will work . I bought 365 because gmail said my 2013 Outlook was ‘unsafe’. Frustrated but eventually I’ll ask the right question and google will explain! It’s always about the question. 😳. You have been kind. Thanks😀

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If the main purpose for wanting to use POP is to remove mail from the server at intervals of your choosing, you can do that in IMAP, simply by moving your chosen emails to a local folder on your computer.


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@NFtoBC  For me the main purpose for using POP is to NOT have synchronizing.  I want to download and read/save/delete on my PC. So far within a few short weeks with GSuite I managed to delete 2 weeks worth of recent emails.  Why? Because I had seen them in Outlook  and did not need them to stay on the webmail of GSuite.  Yes, I deleted them in trash too.  And so they were gone from Outlook as well.   I have lost my understanding of the process and control of my mail. Unless you or someone else can give me a clearer understanding of how and why this happened I want to use POP.

@a1a06474 ,

If Outlook works like Thunderbird, and I am not 100% sure it does, all you have to do is create local folders. If you want to delete an email from Gmail but still keep it on your hard drive, then you just click and drag that email to the local folder of your choice. 

Now that's a revelation.  Putting the email in a folder and not leaving it in Inbox (or the seemingly superfluous ALL MAIL?) will protect it from deletion by google?  Thank you.

I looked at Thunderbird and thought I read only IMAP available. I will look again.



It would have to be a local folder that would be saved on your hard drive. I would try it with a test email to ensure it works. I suspect if you can create a Local Drive then GMail should not be able to find it or control what is in there. 

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Have you set up your forwarding management in the Gmail settings?


Login to your Gmail web mail

Choose the settings gear in the upper right of the screen

Choose "See all Settings" from the dropdown that appears


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Thank you yes, the part that I can choose POP and clear default IMAP?   Did that.  Checked again last night after reading all the many posts in this thread.  I've checked and rechecked and entered all the variants for 995/993  465/587 ssl tssl auto whatever in as many combinations as I can imagine.  Cannot get POP3 to work.

@NFtoBC@RonAKA @PCherian   I got it. I have Windows 10, Outlook 2016 which is what Microsoft 365 is using.  I finally have POP3 account set up in Outlook with my migrated G Suite Telus mail.  The important change was in Google account -> Security tab, scroll down to ->Less Secure Apps Access  choose the 'not recommended'  unsafe setting -  AND then signing out. 

(Side note - Is it the POP3 that is considered unsafe?)

This other step that NFtoBC mentioned here as well.....

Login to your Gmail web mail

Choose the settings gear in the upper right of the screen

Choose "See all Settings" from the drop down that appears.

Once these two google details are changed you can start the Add new in Outlook.

I went into it from control panel.

Also when trying to complete the new account set up in Outlook, if you make a mistake, be sure to check every other detail when you start over, some of them change.  I did take photos of my screen and will be pleased to share if anyone wants to see the exact set-up I used. Email me.

Glad I found you all.  Each little detail you provided set me looking for another.  It's always all about asking the exact question that my computer brain can answer😀.  Thank you.

@a1a06474 ,


It looks like you have just joined the select club of those that have solved the Outlook, POP3, GSuite, Gmail Rubik's Cube club!

@RonAKA @NFtoBC @PCherian  Well I wasn't quite clever enough.  Yes I have the POP set up, suggestion to others, try and change the data file IMAP is using if it's your primary .pst file, before setting up POP.  

Trouble is IMAP is using my long time .pst data file. The POP set up created a new .pst file.  Now that I have 2 email profiles they cannot use the same data file I want to change or remove IMAP.

If I delete the IMAP profile will I also delete my .pst file?

How can I change the data file used by the IMAP profile? The settings tab doesn't allow change just shows me the settings. If I go to the file and try to move it I cannot.

If I try to change the setting a pop up box "This command isn't available. Your organization's administrators turned off the service required to use this feature" I don't have an organisation, this is my home PC.  So is it Telus/ GSuite that is Administrator here?

How can I preserve my .pst file just in case I mess this up? 

Is it as simple as making a copy with a slightly different name?

I could use some help with this.  has lots of information and I'm wading through it.  I'm reading all I can but if any of you know the answer,please reply.  Thanks, Susan




I am so far removed from being literate in Outlook that I fear I may mislead you if I gave you advice. About all I recall as that I used to save and rename backup PST files. Here is a link you may find useful. It sounds like IMAP pst files are a bit complex!

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@a1a06474 said: "(Side note - Is it the POP3 that is considered unsafe?)"


No, it is the Outlook application Google considers unsafe.


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Has anyone noticed a crazy increase in spam viagra, drugs etc messages coming in as a result of this transition?


I’m assuming Telus must of deactivated their spam filters...hopefully Google will filter them out automatically once the account is migrated.