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GMail migration completed - cannot "send as" using an alternate email address?

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I'm assisting a friend get comfortable with her new Gmail account and we're having a problem with returning email with an alternate (her business) email address.


The problem is:

Email sent to [email protected] is directed to [email protected] now going to mypersonal…on Gmail


From Gmail it's not possible to set a "reply" as the business address. This results in somebody emailing [email protected] now getting an email from “my [email protected]…” and they believe they’re being phished or that she's been hacked.


The "send email as" features are greyed out in the Gmail settings panel with a message to "contact your administrator". Does anyone know how to resolve this? Google says it's "a Telus thing".


Bonus pt question. Since Telus mail is essentially a pass-through to Gmail for her - is there anyway to separate completely her Telus email id/credentials from what Google could provide her directly - but still keep her migrated content?







when i was doing the transfer it wanted to link my telus account to a gmail account. i didnt want to link my telus account to anything and had a representative get me by passed by using in private browsing


The G Suite version of Gmail that Telus is using SHOULD provide for multiple email addresses. However, G Suite gives 30 GB of storage vs the 15 GB that free Gmail provides, but Telus G Suite is only providing 15 GB. It seems Telus has defeatured the G Suite to basically make it equivalent to free Gmail... Telus claims you can use alias email addresses, but do not say clearly that you can actually send from them. I suspect the true G Suite application does as it is intended for business use. 


For sure with Thunderbird, you can have multiple separate email accounts. I also believe you can with even free Gmail. See this link for more detail. 

Community Power User
Community Power User

I agree with @RonAKA about the use of an email client of your choosing to send from alias accounts. I’m guessing as an anti-spam measure, Gmail won’t allow sending from outside addresses. 

My suggestion is to use the email options at the domain registrar for, and an independent email client. That way, the independent email address can be maintained.

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I have several friends and talk to many others who have had nothing but trouble with Telus switch to Google mail.....most of them have given up trying to contact Telus and those that do get through spend many hours with them only to be left as frustrated and often more confused than when they started. Very unhappy customer. Wouldn't recommend Telus to anyone.