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Why can't I keep my home phone number? Moving 10 mins away, same city, BC

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I'm moving to a home that is 10 mins away, in the same city in BC.  When I called Telus to schedule the move (Internet, TV, Home phone), I was told i had to change my home number.  WHY????  I know people that moved 400K within BC and were able to keep their home number (they have the same area code).  I'm just moving up the road!

My number is listed on my websites and it costs money to change the sites.  Anyone have any good ideas or solutions?



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@SMaxwell Wrote: Anyone have any good ideas or solutions?


Personally I'd port my number to a VoIP service. I'm guessing that with the Telus phone connection, you're only dealing with 1 number, so not much complexity here.


Invest in some inexpensive hardware such as an ATA or SiP enabled phone, and have far less problems, and I would guess the overall cost will be less than you currently pay as a bonus


That would alleviate the problem, and provide the benefit of not being beholding to any one supplier... lone as you have a internet connection, you'll have a phone connection. Some really good VoIP providers here in Canada. 


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You could also port your number to a Wireless Home Phone service.


As to why, I'd guess you are crossing a telephone exchange boundary. 

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