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When is Telus going to fix the Google email issues?


This is going on too long.  When is Telus going to fix the Google email problems?  I've read every post on the forums, tried all the 'fixes', nothing works.  This is a Telus problem that THEY need to fix.  I've been with Telus for 30+ years and they've always been good to me but this email/Google problem is making me look elsewhere for service.

Can't access Google maps, services, etc, either Telus fixes this or Google does but it's got to get fixed soon.



@buttercup  I agree nothing but complications with various programs  maps and the list gets long.  To change mail platform is not easy to do banking and mail contacts is a real pain. And there will be things missed and hard to correct. A very bad $ choice by upper level telus employees no thinking properly by them.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Tried that, doesn't work.  This is a Telus email issue with Google.  Telus needs to fix that, not the many people who are now having problems because of Telus.

@FuzzyLogic  I have tried approx 6-7 times myself a friend also tried for me. A couple of times with telus tech they put their hands in the air couldn't get it to work . I have a work around i will live with it must be a conflict in my laptop. Will leave it alone. With the telus tech the laptop went squirrely hell of a time to settle it down. Polecat


Sounds annoying for sure, but if the thread Fuzzylogic mentioned didn't help it doesn't seem like there would be any other course of action other than trying to connect with the Tech Support dept in this case.