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Help with Google Maps in "Your Profiles"

Friendly Neighbour

So I'm logged in to Telus Gmail and I click on my account letter in top right corner and then select "manage your google account" which opens a new tab with my Google Account page

Then I select Personal Info


I scroll down to "Your profiles" and click on it and I get to this page



Then clicking on the Maps "see full profile" throws me into this page


Yes I searched about this Google maps error and the best workaround was provided by NightHawk here 
And I now only get this error accessing the Google maps "see full profile" button.
So who manages our accounts is it Google or Telus?   
I've posted a query here 

I will post back if I get anything there...
So hopefully between Telus and Google we can finally resolve this maps thing...
Fingers crossed I'm not delusional 😆


Community Power User
Community Power User

Telus only purchased certain services from Google, in order to replace their previous email service. If you want the full suite of Google services, you will need to create a Google account.


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Friendly Neighbour

Thank you NFtoBC but it seems really odd that if Telus didn't purchase Google Maps that it would be listed in our profiles.  I can access Google Maps from all my devices as long as I do not open it in a browser with my telus GMAIL open in it.   Sounds like a bug in Telus' world more than a lack of purchased service.