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What is the difference between Internet 300 and Gigibit Internet?

Just Moved In

I work from home and run 3 screens and multiple programs. My son is a heavy gamer. Would it be worth it to move up in the cost for the Gigibit Internet? I currently have Internet 300.


Gaming doesn’t generally require a lot of bandwidth except when downloading a new game or an update. It’s much more
important to have low latency and a reliable connection. If you’re noticing problems it’s much more likely to be wifi related, and upgrading your internet connection won’t help with that.

For your work it shouldn’t make much of a difference either, even if you’re using a remote desktop.

Even the highest tier Netflix video uses about 25mbps, so with your current tier you could have 12 4K streams going before you’d notice any slowdown.


Take the money you'd spend on upgrading and run CAT6 around your house. That will save you on latency! I only went to gigabit because I managed a promo for the same price as 150.