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Website images don't load with Telus ISP, but load with mobile data (Rogers), shaw and other ISPs


My websites, https:/, (hosted with siteground) has been working just fine up until today. Nothing has changed with my site, but today the images on my site no longer load when visiting it using a Telus internet service provider. The images on the site work if I am using mobile data (Rogers), Shaw, or another internet service provider other than telus. I've verified that the issue is persistent with 8 different telus users, and I have already contacted Telus support and my hosting provider, and checked my CDN. It seems that the issue resides with Telus, and I found a similar thread from a few years ago about this, but there's no update on what the solution was. Previous thread.


Is anyone able to provide me with some insight on why this happened and how I can fix it?


Community Power User
Community Power User

The image itself can still be displayed as it can be viewed from the upload folder. I’d check for any plug-in updates and roll back. There was also a WP update (5.9.1) as well that might have broke something.

It could also be something with Cloudflare as well. That site uses them for CDN.

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