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Webmail connection security


Just in the last couple of months, when I go to log into my email account at [email protected], after entering my username and password I get a pop up notification saying, the info. you're about to submit is not secure because the site is using a connection that's not completely secure, your info will be visible to others.  I haven't made any changes to my account settings or anything so I don't understand why I'm getting this message every time now.  The only way I can access my msgs now is to click on "send anyway".  But strangely, when I click on the "i" (inside a circle) just left of the address bar, it says the connection "is" secure but not encrypted.  Is that what's triggering this notification?  I've never selected any kind of encryption in the past, so why am I only recently getting this warning?  I haven't changed anything.  It also says the site uses TLS 1.2, and further down it says the connection "is" encrypted and authenticated using AES_128_GCM and uses ECDHE_RSA as the key exchange mechanism.  The seemingly contradictory info is confusing to me.  I also took a look at the site certificate info.  It says Google Chrome verified that Go Daddy Secure Certificate Authority-G2 issued the site's certificate.  Is that a valid trusted authority?  Could this somehow be a result of the recent migration to google even though I haven't switched mine over yet?



What is the URL you are using to access webmail? You stated you are accessing [email protected] but that is not a valid URL.

I just tested sending an email from using Chrome Version 87.0.4280.88 and I didn't get any warnings.

I just tested using and again no warnnigs.

Well this is weird now because the last few times I've logged in, ever since I posted my questions/concern, I haven't had that warning pop up but to answer your question> I just click on the Telus webmail login page that I've had bookmarked for a very long time. Here's exactly what's in the address bar after I'm logged in (I copied n pasted it):.
I've been accessing my email through the same bookmarked page, on the same device (android tablet), using the same browser (chrome) for a very long time which is why I found it so puzzling when approx. 1 month ago I started getting that warning each and every time I'd try to log in. Then there's the contradictory info I get in the details; connection isn't completely secure - but it is secure, not encrypted - but it is encrypted. WTF?
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