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Webmail/Telus email is currently down.


Just a heads up - our webmail is down at the moment. The queues are very high. Please be patient! We are working on it! So sorry for the inconvenience!

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I feel bad for the team tasked with fixing this. They are working long hours under a great deal of pressure trying to fix something that most of them had no part in breaking. Been there done that. It sucks.

True, but the same can't be said about those responsible for the design of the system. An outage for this length of time should never have happened. And, IMO, it would not have happened in a well designed system with proper backup and redundancy from hardware, software , and procedural points of view. Hopefully, the restored system will be up to that standard.

Who else got an email from the CCO saying that the email has been restored?

@BeefPorkChicken wrote:

Who else got an email from the CCO saying that the email has been restored?

Don't know where CCO is but this while mess has has nothing to do with location.  My wife's email was out 1 day, mine just came back after being out 11 days.

Oh I'm sorry, i meant to say the CCO of TELUS Tony Geheran (Chief Customer Officer), it said on the email that the Email outage has been cleared, but I'm still having trouble. deleting and my some of my old emails are missing

The story of my life:


I post too soon...  🙂    Immediately after my previous post the delete error went away and I discovered the text of my saved emails from days past have been restored... Could be the end of the story...

My e-mail client (Outlook, in my case) started working yesterday morning. I got the e-mail from Telus titled "Your TELUS email should now be restored" many hours later. There was activity in my account prior, with 2 mails sent August 16th recovered, but with a received date of august 25th, and a bunch of e-mail sent Aug 9th through 15th (some I already had) also recovered, but with nearly the proper received date/time. I also had a period (an hour or two) where the left pain in Webmail was missing. I still am getting a send/receive error on outlook related to some apparent inability to actually delete some e-mails marked for deletion after transfer to my outlook client. Raw pop traffic examples:


+OK message 308 marked for deletion
+OK message 309 marked for deletion
+OK message 310 marked for deletion
-ERR deleted 246/310 message(s)
+OK message 21 marked for deletion
+OK message 22 marked for deletion
+OK message 23 marked for deletion
+OK message 24 marked for deletion
-ERR deleted 3/24 message(s)


Over the next several client/server sessions the number of e-mails that wouldn't delete ended up at 10, which I think are all duplicates from august 9th, So now I typically see this:


-ERR deleted 1/11 message(s)
-ERR deleted 0/10 message(s)
And in using the webmail interface, I can not delete those 10 e-mails.
Prior to all this activity and last week sometime, there had been a total of 26 e-mails restored over a period of days, but with a received date/time of when they were recovered verses when they were sent. During the initial outage I was dropped from at least one e-mail distribution list.

I don't use Telus webmail, but have been using the 'getmail' command line retrieval agent with my Telus POP account for the last 15 years. I thought the recent Telus email problems had been solved for me, but in the last few days I've been getting the "POP error (-ERR LOGIN failed)" error on occasion. They are increasing in number, suggesting Telus still has stability issues.



I use Microsoft outlook with POP3 SMTP scripted to filter and forward mails and have , like you. done so for over 10 years. The  POP3 errors raise  a requester and everything stops until I am home to close the requester. I  have to contact 2nd level tech support at telus a few times a year to get them to reset the POP3 server when it gets really bad. Changing timeout setting do not help and first level tech support is only trained on webmail.


Since Telus is well aware with ongoing problems (years) with the pop3 server they should do a proper fix but with this wider problem they are not likely to look deeply into it right now.

@DeeScruntled , iI feel you.. That comes up whenever I try deleting an email

@BeefPorkChicken wrote:

Oh I'm sorry, i meant to say the CCO of TELUS Tony Geheran (Chief Customer Officer), it said on the email that the Email outage has been cleared, but I'm still having trouble. deleting and my some of my old emails are missing


Telus has no credibility at this point. According to them, over 90% of accounts were "restored" two weeks ago.

My email in Edmonton doesn't work. Hasn't for a week. Isn't there any place to get current updates from Telus regarding what is going on? I know that businesses using telus email are working perfectly well it just seems that personal emails are not. How does someone get updates? Thanks, Carolyn

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The header of the Neighbourhood home page contains links to two sets of info. This has the most recent.

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My emails been working since Friday but my wife's still does not work. I've checked the settings-tried to access it on web mail but the access code it sends to her phone -that says the code is no good. I guess i should be even more patient.....???

Email working fine now..can send and receive..But...still can't delete mail .  Sometimes a current one that hasn't been opened will let me delete but 99% still sitting there taking up space.  Can't move it to Trash either.  Anyone have a work-around for this ?  Did phone in and was told they would put in a trouble ticket, but deleting email is low priority right now. 

Hallelujah! My email service with Thunderbird has been restored. All functions appear to be working. Needless to add, it's about bloody time!

My email is down again as of today. This is so frustrating.

For the past day, webmail just says "loading" after I log in on my phone or computer.  Never finishes loading.  


I still cannot make my POP3 Mail client retrieve on my iMac.  It says it's downloading 2,912 messages (which is crazy) but it hasn't downloaded any since Aug. 14.


All three Telus phone numbers we've been told to phone have the same recording telling us to look at the outages page and then proceeds to offer help with everything but email.


Can't believe this email debacle is not making press beyond echoing what Telus says.

Aug 30 and the pop3 server is still wonky. Fails several times a day and freezes my email handling on my PC. Does anyone from Telus read these and care at all about customer problems? For several days, and after many ,many attempts online help still always says...


No chat agents are currently available, please call 1-844-372-8559 for help.


The future might end up being friendly  but Telus is anything but at the moment.

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My email was down from Aug 15 to Aug 24, it was restored to a certain degree.  Some of my saved emails are blank. This morning around 9:00 Aug 30 it all went down again, cannot access webmail either it says "Looks like we can't find that page."  Talked to tech guy, first he's heard of this.  Anyone else experiencing an issue?

Yes, my email went down yesterday briefly and is down again for the past few hours now.