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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Last updated on September 3, 2019


TELUS team members are diligently working around the clock and continue to make progress on restoring the small percentage of customers that remain affected by the recent outage. 


This stage of the restoration process has been taking longer than expected due to the complexity of data being restored. We apologize for the inconvenience and assure you we are taking the utmost care in handling your data.


We understand how much of an inconvenience this has been for our customers and are directly contacting each impacted customer individually to make things right. 


If you are experiencing unexpected issues after being restored or your question is not addressed by the FAQ on this page, please contact us at 1-888-811-2323; we are ready to help you. Business customers, please call 1-800-361-3311.


We also want to alert customers to fraudulent phishing/scam attempts reported by some TELUS email customers. Be advised that TELUS would never ask for your banking information over the phone, or for access to your computer to transfer funds. Email Outage: Updates and Temporary Fix for Affected Customers

Since Thursday, August 15, many TELUS customers have been unable to access, send, or receive email using their account. We are incredibly sorry for the disruption and the significant inconvenience our customers have suffered. 


Our technicians were able to bring many of our email servers back online Friday, which restored access for a majority of our customers. For those customers that still do not have access, we have enabled webmail on new servers, so mailboxes will be accessible to send and receive new messages through an Internet browser.


My email still isn’t working, what should I do?


Starting immediately, customers still experiencing issues can access their inbox by visiting from an Internet browser and using their webmail login credentials. Note: Your webmail login credentials are not necessarily the same as My TELUS. If you don’t remember your webmail password, you can reset it using the ‘forgot password’ link on the webmail login page.


With webmail, customers can:


  • Send and receive new email using their regular email address
  • Enable mail forwarding from to another account or platform if desired


Why is my mailbox empty?

We are providing access to webmail that will enable customers to send and receive emails while we work on a full restoration of the service. During the transition period, the webmail inbox will be empty except for new emails you send or receive. 


 In the meantime, work is underway between TELUS technicians and our vendor Dell EMC to restore emails from the original servers and we are working diligently through that process to smoothly integrate the old and new mailboxes together. Please note that this will take time, because the last thing we want to do is lose or compromise a customer’s precious information by being hasty with the process. Whether a family picture, a sentimental note or a valuable document, we care about your data. 


 What if I want to use my smartphone or mail client to access my account?


 To ensure any email data stored on your devices is not lost, we have temporarily restricted our new servers to webmail access only. This means you will not be able to access your email using IMAP/POP3 mail settings until we have rebuilt the affected mailboxes and provided an update.


In order to receive new messages on your phone or mail client in the meantime, we recommend enabling mail forwarding from TELUS webmail to an alternate email address instead.


 Will I Be Compensated For This Outage?


 We apologize for any inconvenience you encountered while you were unable to access your TELUS email. We realize some customers are still unable to access their TELUS email accounts and we are working around the clock to ensure service is restored as quickly as possible. We are also doing everything we can to make this right and ensuring our customers are compensated for our failure to provide exceptional service. 


 We are reaching out directly to all residential and small business customers that have been impacted or continue to be affected by the issue with details of their bill credits. Restored customers will see an email in their inbox and customers without full functionality will receive an email in their TELUS webmail account. Where possible, we’ll also connect to customers by SMS. Our top priorities remain to fully resolve the disruption for those restricted to webmail, make this right for affected customers and ensure this never happens again.


Additional Information and Support


For more detailed information about the email outage, the root cause, and the most up-to-date information, please continue to visit

If you require assistance or support with setting up or accessing your webmail, please call 1-888-811-2323 or visit

If you are a business customer and you require support, please call 1-800-361-3311 or visit our contact us page.


We have compiled some helpful support articles below for those who have important emails they would like to export from their mail clients.


Microsoft Outlook


Mail on MacOS


Mail on iPhones

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Just Moved In

How many TELUS customers have found that mentioned above is also broken.

Also insulting is that the escalation link drives to a chat line that is 'Closed' here in Vancouver this evening.

Thanks TELUS !

Darren if you're listening, as my former boss, I really hope you are going to take execute extreme sanctions with the appropriate Executive TEAM members whose pathetic and non-doable outage recovery roadmap and strategy will probably result in the worst possible Cust Sat this decade. 

Just Moved In

So how many days are those of us waiting for etransfers that were sent Friday  or Saturday going to have to wait before we get those emails back? 

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @Patti1,


Work is still underway to try and restore any emails from old servers. At this time we do not have an update to provide on that process, though we assure you we have many teams working on it.


The good thing about e-transfers is that the sender should have the ability to cancel and resend it for delivery to a different email address, text message, or reattempt sending to the new mailbox.




As of 12:35, Monday 08/19, Vancouver, Webmail is inop for me. Able to log in to Inbox, but not able to view emails individually, view, sent, trash, etc. POP email (Outlook) is apparently fully functional.


the worst part is yet to come when Telus eventually  advises its  customers that some emails that were sent to its customers during the outage may never be received by them. 


How dos one ask for someone to resend an email that I would never know it came in the first place? 


Monday Aug 19, 12:50pm in Courtenay,BC.  Can't login to webmail site at all.  Get "A network service error has occurred" message upon login attempt.  Don't want to try to change password in case things get worse.  Ironically this happened right after I hung up from a call from TELUS Int'l advising me to use the site!

Just Moved In

For those who haven't seen more of the gory details that your TELUS rep won't talk about goto this CBC report:

People on the many forums and social media who smugly chide TELUS users that they should have abandoned the hard server email services of an ISP such as TELUS in favor of Cloud based services should take note that the big bad Cloud is NOT immune to Big outages.  It's having a SLA (Service Level Agreement) with the Cloud services provider and a very well defined AND TESTED disaster recovery strategy that's the important thing. It is not impossible for in future for Google's gmail to be warned, NOTHING in the IT world is perfectly stable.


I used to work on this stuff at TELUS


As of 10:45, Tuesday 08/20, Vancouver, Webmail is inop for me. Able to log in to Inbox, but not able to view emails individually, view, sent, trash, etc. Attempts to do so produces 'server error' message. POP email (Outlook) is apparently fully functional.

Just Moved In

07:07 Wednesday August 21 South Calgary. Webmail continues to produce the so descriptive Internal Server Error message. A call to the 888-811-2323 "help" line produces the comment "webmail is intermittently down". No freaking kidding! Is it ever up? Telus performance throughout this email outage incident has been abysmal, typical of one would expect from a third world country. The whole **bleep** bunch of them, including the Customer (Non-) Information dude, should be walking the streets looking for work by now. A job at that new mushroom farm would be a super fit for them.

Just Moved In

Transfer my number to Telus mobility

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