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Wait time excessive!

I just got hooked up today. I’m only getting 15Mbps of the 1Gbps (hard wired, nothing else connected, testing against Telus local servers). So I called in to the internet support.

3 hours 20 minutes someone from the home security department answered. Said Telus has been routing calls to all departments to help with the call volume. But he can’t help me and needs to put me back in the queue for the internet support people.

Seriously!?!? I hope I’m not waiting another 3+ hours!!!!!!!

As a note; the Telus store employees are saying they are much less busy right now. As Telus employees, why does Telus not have them answer calls to help with call volumes? So Telus has the resources to reduce call volumes, but they won’t.


The call centre has been hit hard with on-shore agents forced to relocate to working from home. These are agents who previous had no equipment (laptop, monitors etc) or dedicated internet connection to perform their work remotely so they are scrambling to get more of them set up. To make matters worse, Telus International's main campus in the Philippines has been severely impacted as the government there declared a state of martial law. Right now the focus is just to get customer's online with a service that works. The entire company is scrambling, as is every major company in the world right now.


I hear your pain. I waited for two hours on Shaw yesterday to get a *wong* fix. Geez !!


i had to wait so long both of my landline battery died!