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Very slow WI-FI

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Both me and my neighbour have WI-FI speeds of 30-50 MB/Second when on WI-FI  we are both on Optic, and I know that I have one of the best plans offered by Telus.  When my lap top is plugged into the modem directly, it achieves speeds in the 300+ range.  So... why is it so slow on WI=FI?  Computer configuration problem, or is the Telus modem just that wonderfulty?


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Community Power User

There are many factors that can affect wi-fi performance. Telus has some resources here that may help:


Understanding and optimizing your Wi-Fi | TELUS Support


Just a long time customer hoping to help.


I have a T3200M on 300/300 and the max I can get on the 2.4Ghz band is approx. 60MB down and ~30MB up.  A bit better on the 5GHz band but not much, around 150MB down and 105MB up.  Never had a single issue with upload/download speeds when I was with Shaw.  Seriously considering going back to Shaw when my contract runs out.