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Upgraded to fibre and now Alexa will not connect to optik

Prior to the upgrade Alexa connected easily to optik. Now I have enabled skills disabled skills deleted items and repeat repeat and finally I've just given up. I have called for technical support but got passed around from one person to another each time having to repeat my story it became so frustrating I just gave up again. Too bad though because I really liked the Alexa interface that was the feature that actually kept me as a client. Does anybody else have this problem?

Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

@Jerry3 If you did not find the details on how to set up the Alexa, you may want to use this link and find some tips.

When it submitted my original reply I was instructed to setup a username so now I have two usernames, Jerry3 and JG3. Wow such a pleasant experience 


I have tried this several times but I have never received the email you mention in step 5. I do however receive a text telling me Telus Home Assistant has been linked but that text does not provide any link. I had previously replied to your response but after completing a rather detailed description of the problem I hit the reply button and the received a notice that my reply was rejected because it was not linked a known ticket. Add that hour to the many hours I've already spent on the issue and you can understand why I am so frustrated and disappointed. Please send a tech to fix this problem.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Sorry about that. I'll reach out to our home assistant team to see if they have any insights. @KHR and @Optik-Kate is this anything you'd have any tips for?

Perhaps it would be helpful to tell your technical people that my three wireless 4K set tops and the PVR all appear in mytelus, Telus connect and on the modem. They all show the network connection as ethernet. I have reset and rebooted all the devices and number of times and still the devices cannot be discovered.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi, is your Alexa connected to the internet? If you ask for the weather does it respond? If it is connected, have you seen this page? It contains set up instructions and troubleshooting steps. Hope that helps!


If it's still unresolved, I do recommend reaching out to our support team and have them escalate you to the correct team. If you try the chat bot (smiley face on the bottom right), they are usually a bit faster when you request an agent!