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Tried Explaining My Issue and Agent Rudely Responded, "Are you done?"


Note: it seems Telus was able to change the terms of our service agreement without informing me, so please check your bills every so often to make sure it's all correct!


I spoke with a guy called Julius or Julio today, from the customer retention department. I was transferred to him after I spoke with a lady from the billing department about Telus removing a 2 year discount of $15 from my bill without notifying me. She told me Julius will be able to help me add the discount back, but only for 6 months.


Julius started the call by telling me he can apply a 6 month $15 discount to try to correct the fact that Telus removed this 2 year discount without any notice. I then asked if it was possible to remove Wifi Plus ($10/m charge) and keep the equipment, and he said yes. I asked are you sure because the lady said it's not possible, that I will have to return all equipment, and he just simply said "just wait on the line". After 30s he told me he's removing the Wifi Plus now and will transfer me to the Tech department so they can walk me through what equipment to return. I then tried to explain why I called today -- to summarize:


  1. I signed up for 1GB internet, but after the initial set up I was getting 100-200mb, which was confirmed on a tech call.
  2. Tech support told me they will send someone over to fix the issue because it's clear to them the initial set up was not done correctly, since I was getting nowhere near 1GB. This took 2 weeks.
  3. Technician came and fixed the internet, but now I'm charged a monthly $10/m for Wifi Plus.
  4. I called Tech support to ask, and they said the previous agent applied a 3 month credit worth $7.50 though. I asked if I can cancel it since it's not what I wanted, I just wanted the promised 1GB internet and they said no, but the can give me a 2 year $15 credit to offset all the troubles. I received a new service agreement with the 2 year credit Feb 2024.
  5. $15 credit was applied for 1 month for March, and then for April's bill I noticed the $15 was missing.
  6. Called in today to ask about the charge, and I was told in the backend they can see the discount was removed internally but they cannot bring the discount back.

After I explained all of this, Julius rudely said "Are you done?" like you would ask someone after they were throwing a tantrum. I was shocked and just responded with "wow, 'are you done?'", in which he quickly tried to explain with "no what I meant was are you done speaking because I don't want to cut you off.... he then proceeds to try to explain out of that one, and then I just told him please apply the $15 6 month credit and keep Wifi Plus because I do not want to return any equipment if that will drop by internet back to 100-200mbps. He then placed me on a hold for another 20-30mins and when he returned he told me I can keep the equipment and he already cancelled my Wifi Plus. I asked him if I will get a new service agreement or if my April bill will get updated, to which he said no, and I will just get a new bill in May.


Overall pretty disappointed in my experience with Telus. I had to call in several times, have the technician come twice, and got charged for additional services just to get the promised 1GB internet. I live in a 1 bedroom apartment and I was getting 100-200 speed 2-3 meters from the modem. All I wanted from today's call was to keep my $15 discount, but now I'm left with no discount and they cancelled my Wifi Plus with no proof of any of these changes and the promise tha I wont have to return the equipment. I had expressed to Julius again and again that I would like to get the $15 discount even if it was only for 6 months, and he just went ahead and cancelled my service without the discount.



Hi @HisoHiso thank you for letting us know about your experience. If you wish, I could escalate this issue for you.


Please send me a message if you do want me to escalate it

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Hi @HisoHiso thank you for letting us know about your experience. If you wish, I could escalate this issue for you.


Please send me a message if you do want me to escalate it

Thanks Eric for offering to look into this, I just sent you a message. I'll select the 'Accept as Solution' to your response.


Yea, my experience with Telus is that, because of all of the complicated discounts that the marketing department force on the technical and billing departments in order to get "cost motivated" customers instead of "value motivated customers that the CSA's will have a struggle navigating the switches to endure that you bill is correct for the services you want.  It will try your patience - no doubt, but remember it is also trying the patience of the CSA (you are both in the same boat) and they are at least (every-time in my experience) fighting on your side to get a satisfactory solution.  Try having the same conversation with the opposition Shaw/Rogers etc and you will come to truly love the CSA service provided by Telus: with the other guys the trying conversation ends mostly without any resolution - the status quo being their preferred solution.  The last "rude" (in your words) conversation with Shaw the agent just told me "you must move to Telus and that I will help me by cancelling your Shaw service immediately".