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The entire community of Apex is without Cell Service and Internet

Just Moved In

Since Monday, the entire community of Apex Mountain Village near Penticton has been without cellular and internet (this area is serviced by smart hubs). Telus technical support continues to gaslight customers who are all fully aware there is no service. The technical and infrastructure departments at Telus are continuing to ignore the fact that this entire community has been without service for 4 days now. There's been no feedback when support is contacted, and even though Telus acknowledges they have a problem when pressed on the phone, there is no outage entry on the map, no communication as to when it will be resolved. Not only are people unable to work, run their businesses, but this is also a safety issue. The way this company is being so dismissive of an entire community is appalling.


Community Manager
Community Manager

@Emmosanm I see a ticket from yesterday that has since been closed as resolved. Are you still experiencing issues today (January 12th)?