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Telus never cancelled


Hello TELUS Forums,

I am here posting about an issue I've recently came across. After checking my statements for the past few months I've realized that Shaw was still charging me for a service I was not using. Approximately 4 months now. 

After speaking with an agent and successfully changing providers from Shaw to TELUS, I told the agent to cancel on our behalf to save us from the headache of cancelling the Shaw account. However, now from what I've been told is that TELUS never sent a cancellation of the account therefore they kept continue to charge us for those 4 months. I'm so lost and confused on what to do now. I guess I'm here posting seeking some guidance on the matter. Being charged with around $400 + a $165 cancellation fee, after being told it would be covered by TELUS because of the switch is insane for them to not put up with their end of the bargain. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

I sent a private message your way, @cykarussians 🙂