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Telus Fibre


I have a telus pure fibre modem with the 10 gig port i have connected my modem to that port and a few wifi access points that work well in my house, i had heard that port was for pass threw is that correct and i cant see how to log into that modem to set that as passthrew or edit anything else for port forwarding for my cameras, any suggestions  Thanks 



I should say i connected my router to the 10 gig port


@vanfibre i had heard that port was for pass threw is that correct?


Indeed, that is correct. You have to make sure that the TELUS NAH device is in the 192.168.1.x IP range.


Then access the user interface by going to the following IP


That then will give access to the above-mentioned User GUI.


Under the cover of the NAH TELUS device you will find the user name and password for access.


You may have to remove a little set screw at the base of the cover if the TELUS installer installed one.


Move through the various settings pages, make sure you have the advance settings visible.


For the pass-through setting, you are looking for the “Bridged Mode” settings. That’s where you can make those changes. Port forwarding will be found under another page.


Note… Any advance changes that you make to the NAH GUI may result in you locking yourself out f your own network, the only solution would be to factory reset the NAH and start all over. Factory resetting will of course remove any of your custom settings.


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