TELUS E-mail "Upgrade" to TELUS E-mail Powered by Google - E-mail on Outlook (2013 & 2016) & iOS

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I'm looking for some answers that aren't (at least with my initial searching) obviously available on the TELUS website.


My questions concern the upgrade to "TELUS E-mail Powered by Google" at:


I'm wondering about how the upgraded e-mail works with Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016 and with the Mail app on iOS devices. The prompt for the 'upgrade' seems to occur when one logs in via webmail.


Has anyone gone through this experience recently? Any comments or suggestions?


Thanks in advance for your assistance with this.


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Community Power User

You're looking at the wrong section of the support site. On the left column, look down for " powered by Google"






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Thanks for the updated links - I missed these somehow. What is outlined here makes a lot more sense!