T3200m Port Forwarding Not Working


I have a router/modem (T3200M) and an extender both from telus.


I have computer X setup with a static IP.

I can rdp locally to computer X within my LAN.

Very simply I went to my router/firewall/port forward and added my port to forward that listens on Computer X for RDP.


I can use a port tester online and can confirm from my public IP,  before the port is closed, then opened once I forward it.


When I rdp to my public IP from computer Y, it's not routing to computer X.  

Doesn't work when I put computer X in a DMZ either.


My T3200m homepage has my public IP so I ASSUME I don't have two routers; unless the wifi extender is somehow not routing the port forward.


Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Telus wants $$ for tech support on this issue, when really the modem they provided looks capable but just isn't working as expected.


I've read ppl with similar issues, but no clear definition of resolution.  I tried disabling IP6 from WAN and LAN per another post, but it didn't have the details so maybe I didn't do that correctly.





Thx in advance,









The issue was with my local testing; trying to test externally from local