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Wireless Digital Box

I'm in an older home & my digital box & PVR box are connected to an older modem via the coaxial cables in the wall. My one digital box died. It was a CIS330 model. Telus said they no longer exist & sent me a new 4K Wireless digital box but it cannot communicate with my "old" modem V1000H model & there is no coaxial connection on the new cable box.
So Telus then sentvm a new modem model T3200M. I connected the new modem & I get internet & WiFi but now no optik tv.

Is the coaxial port on the T3200 modem for connecting Optik tv? I've been talking to Telus tech support & they tell me it is but it doesn't seem to be working.
I need help!

Community Power User
Community Power User

The coaxial connection on your new modem is not specifically for Optik TV, but rather to send ethernet signals over the coax already installed in your house. You need a device at the far end of the coax to broadcast a WiFi signal for your Optik to access. You may find the Wi-Fi+ product would address your needs.

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Isn't WiFi+ an extender?
It looks like the new Telus modem requires an Ethernet cable connection & I only have coaxial cables at the wall panel.
Could someone verify that I need a coaxial-to-Ethernet adapter (MOCA adapter) to get my optik tv working?

Optik tv signal enters my home via coaxial cable. My whole house is wired with coaxial wall connections. When I connect the coaxial cable to the coaxial port on the new modem, I have no tv signal. The new modem manual is telling me to use an Ethernet cable for tv but I have no Ethernet wall outlets. I have ordered a MOCA adapter so that the tv signal from the coaxial wall outlet can be connected to the new modem with an Ethernet cable. Has anyone tried this? I can't be the only person with this problem.