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Smart hub

Just Moved In

Was thinking about upgrading my lte smarthub to a 5g hub. After talking to an agent, to get the same service, 500gig/25mbps, at the same price, I would have to spend $480 on new equipment. Seems pointless doesn't it?  or is it just me?.  lol


Community Manager
Community Manager

It's a good question to ask one-self. If the current network is serving your needs, you may not see real world benefits to changing over to the 5G network. Our 5G cellular network is supposed to provide better speeds, reliability, and capacity which means it's a bit more future-proof but all that is moot if your needs are met presently. 

Just Moved In

Im trying to make my zte rural internet last as long as I can. Why would you upgrade to 5g if you cant get it.

The problem is the rebooting it needs and the 5g could be the same thing?