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Slow wifi speeds with gigabit

Hi folks

I recently upgraded from 150 internet to gigabit. I'm frustrated with the lack of upgrade (for lack of better words) at the devices over WiFi.

Long story short this is what we've done so far:

Replaced t3200 modem
Replaced white box upstream of modem
Replaced all cables with new cat 6 cables

Now these are the results

Hardwired cat 6 from 3200 to newer win 10 laptop, ul and dl speeds of 750-900mbps ( and ookla/Telus). All good right?

Switch to wifi 5g band off the t3200 and get maximum 120mbps from about 5-10 feet away. Move to another room and speeds go down to 40-60. This is no different than what I had with my internet 150??

Same issue with my Linksys velop mesh system. I can do a speed test of the incoming signal and it's good 800+ both ways, but the fastest wifi signal I can get is 120mbps. 25' from a node I'm getting 40-60.

I'm baffled. I know wifi isn't as fast as wired but it should be able to do 50% at least?

Is there something about this signal that doesn't lend itself to fast wifi speeds?

Thanks in advance for any help

What's your link speed on the WiFi connection?

Community Power User
Community Power User

5GHz wifi doesn't necessarily mean extreme speeds. It'll depend on the wireless hardware on both the router end and the specific wireless card your device has. Most routers will advertise a max wireless speed but it's typically the combined speed for all antennas rather than the specific speed for one device. If you are seeing the same wireless speeds on both the T3200M as well as the mesh network then the issue isn't related to one router and may be with the wireless device you are using.


What specific wireless device are you testing the speed with? (Make/model/year) Does the wireless chipset in it support 802.11ac or just 802.11n?

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Hi Nighthawk




2 cell phones - Moto G6 and G7 Power.  Both running android 9, release dates 2018/19

Windows 10 laptop - Lenovo 310 - date of manufacture October 26,2016

I also have an older refurbished samsung chromebook 2, which ironically gets the highest speeds.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

hi there jgg123


Wireless speeds is also dependent on signal noise that might exist in your neighborhood; the more clustered houses are the worse the results. 


I would test first using a hardwired connection (using ethernet network cables). the most reliable test happens through iperf v3 and not your usual flash web browser app. 


note: your network test also is limited on the capacity of the server on the other side to meet the speeds. 

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I have also had this issue! I would like to note I never had problems with internet in my house and I have a large amount of devices connected to the wifi never an issue at all good speed all around a couple days after my gig internet package kicked in it's like my wifi got downgraded to less than 5Mb/s on all wireless devices. Cannot load a YouTube video or twitch stream without buffers (yes despite the fact my internet is still >5Mbps). Had a Telus technician take a look, he replaced some stuff and called some people still a issue, got a text from Telus asking if I was satisfied with his work, said no, they said they would reach out soon. it's been 2 week no word. Called the technician and left a message and it's been 1 week no word from him. Please let there be a fix soon.