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Router placement

Just Moved In

Hi I recently tried out other internet provider for two weeks and didn't like it and now I have some problems with my WIFI. When i plugged the TELUS router back in it was not working and after an hour long conversation with a TELUS support on the phone we got it back up and running again. The problem is the location of the router now, back then it was on our living room and the only thing plugged into the router was the power and the pointy thing for the tv nothing else and the modem box is on our basement near the electrical. Now even the router is hooked up in the basement and into the modem to which it wasn't the case for like a year and a half before we tried another internet provider. So now our devices upstairs on the second floor is not getting the same internet speed like before and it dropped down from 600-700mbps to 300mbps. I would like to put back the router to our living room again so that the internet is properly spread out but the moment I unplug the ethernet that is hooked up on the modem to the router I lose my WIFI and the router will only show a solid red light. How do I connect the router back to the modem without using the ethernet? 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Your best bet may be to reach out to our Tech Support team for assistance with this as they can troubleshoot and diagnose your speed while you go along. Give them a shout at 1-888-811-2323.