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IR repeater for telus Optik PVR isb7150

Hi There, I have been trying to find an IR repeater that will work with my Optik TV. The one I have worked great on the Shaw unit. I originally had difficulty using the telus remote as well until I discovered that my LG LCD emits IR noise. I turned t...

Motopilot by Just Moved In
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CRTC Hearings Re: Pick and Pay

I am NOT thrilled that CRTC may be proposing 100% PICK and PAY for program selection for cable/satellite television services. That woukld mean HIGHER bills and LESS choice. Less popular channels would not survive without subscribers and remaining cha...

crummy wifi access through out my suite

I have had interenet/wifi service through Telus for the last 4 years, however in the last year I have had a number of issues relating to my wifi/modem. I live in a 800 sqf suite and as soon as i go into my bedroom i no longer have access to my own wi...

Sammie86 by Just Moved In
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i am having trouble setting up an email account. i am running windows 8 with windows live mail. i followed the on the telus website, but keep getting error messageswhen trying to send mail

tn2014 by Just Moved In
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October 26, 2014 internet rate increase ------------- High Speed Internet service rate changePosted September 2, 2014 Starting October 26, 2014, TELUS is changing the regular monthly ...

Nighthawk by Community Power User
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Cable reconnect

Where do I plug in the cable that comes from the wall to the DVD player, the cable box or the TV?

Internet, Phone , TV

Is it possible that a service technician have done something wrong with intent on the telephone line (TELUS box outside the house) to make your internet , telephone and TV shut off after 24 hours of upgrading the internet speed? He doesn't want me to...

unwanted calls

My landline seems to be getting more toll free numbers and unwanted solicitation numbers. Can I block these numbers somehow? I am on the do not call list.

candace by Just Moved In
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Resolved! how do I stop getting faxes on my private phone line?

It seems that every few days we receive multiple tries from a business to fax us on our home personal land line. Is there any way to track what the actual phone number is of this business so we can contact them? or is there a way we can stop the call...