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Refurbished Wi-Fi Hub shows previous users devices.


So I just recently had my T3200M replaced with a Wi-Fi Hub so my two boosters can now both go wirelessly without needing a direct ethernet connection to a modem, and I think I have discovered a serious privacy issue. When I go into the Connect app and view the devices idle for over 48 hours, it mostly shows a bunch of devices we have never even had in our household. Some of which include a Google Home speaker, Samsung Smart TVs, a Wyze Smart home hub, a PS5, Galaxy Watches, Canon Printers and more devices we have never had nor has any visitor in our house ever have had. So does that mean my Telus Connect app is showing me the devices the previous user of my Wi-Fi hub had before they sent it back to be refurbished? If so, this is a huge privacy problem, cause considering that Im now sending back a T3200M and it worries me that whoever may use that next after it gets refurbished will now see our devices in their Connect app. I also use Fing Desktop thats always running in the background of my MacBook, and it never showed any of these devices from the Connect app in there.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @RyDawg try performing a factory reset on the device. If you have a paper clip or similarly sized object, there should be a pin hole on the back of the device you can stick it into, which should clear it.