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Recently been wired/retrofitted for TELUS PureFibre Gigabit Internet.


Good day…

I represent a client who’s building has just recently been wired/retrofitted for TELUS PureFibre Gigabit Internet.

Approximately 1 ½ weeks ago a TELUS contract team spent the better part of a week retro fitting this condo building for high speed fibre.

My question pertain to how long will it take for the building to come online so my clients may be able to order this service?

  1. Are my clients able to have this service connected within their unit as of this date?

  2. What are the timelines for completing the installation if they engage TELUS services within the coming week?

    I note that the $85.00 a month advertised offering for 1Gb/s download and 1Gb/s upload speed is concluding on July 7th, 2020. Will this offer be extended to my client as we have just received the prewire of the building within the last week?

  3. As this building as noted above has just received the fiber upgrade within the last week and a half, are there incentive packages that are not currently advertised on your website being offered to the residences as a whole?

  4. As the building address still shows as not qualified for PureFibre installation, how does one go about ordering your services?


This is a forum where many of the people on it are Telus customers.  You you might with to check with the condo/strata board and see what their Telus reps are telling them.