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I have an appointment for PureFibre connection and will keep my current plan for TV, Phone, & Internet and have some questions and concerns that I can't find answers for. I am currently setup on Internet 15 with Optic TV and Telephone.


1. What happens to my existing copper phone lines in my house? Are they replaced? If so, why?

2. Will this affect my alarm system using the old copper phone line?

3. What modem or router do they install for PureFibre and what are the Output ports available on this device?

4. How will my phones and alarm be connected (see question 1) to the new PureFibre system box. I ask because I am wondering if it should be located where my current Telephone line comes in to the house (d-mark?).


1. If the wiring in your walls is cat5 or cat6, it can be repurposed as a data jack on both ends and no wiring work should be required. If it's old style cat3 or just really old 2-pair, the tech won't be able to use it for data. They will not replace any wiring outright without confirming with you as that is all billable at $75 per jack.


2. It might. It's best to call your alarm provider and ask them if the system is compatible with Voice Over IP (VoIP) as the Home Phone running on Fibre is a Derived Voice product which is VoIP.


3. If the Home Phone is converting to Fibre, you will get an ONT device installed where the Fibre comes in to the home as this is the device that generates the dial tone. For a router you will either get an Actiontec T3200 gateway or an Arkadyan WiFi Hub. The Actiontec has a WAN port that will be used for the connection back to the ONT and 4 LAN ports you can use for anything. The Arkadyan has the 4 LAN ports with one of them being a combination WAN so in your case it would only give you 3 usable LAN ports. The Arkadyan can be used as an ONT device as well but currently the SFP ONT that plugs in to it does not support Home Phone so you wouldn't be able to use that feature.


4. The ONT should be at the d-mark and this is hopefully where all the phone jacks in the house converge. A phone cable from the ONT will plug in to your phone jack termination block and deliver dial tone to the jacks around the house.

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You could consider leaving your current phone on copper if the options remains. Some locations are moving away from copper, to Fibre only.
If your current supplier of alarm system will not operate over VoIP, you can consider Telus Home Security as an option. One of my Neighbours had this issue, and a few others with his previous alarm company, and changed to Telus Home Security within a day or two of making the request.

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