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Problem connecting devices to Telus modem

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I have a Honeywell thermostat which connects to the internet via a redlink internet gateway. I have issues connecting the redlink to the internet (via cable) and I was told it is a common issue with the white Telus modem. Does anyone have similar issues with connecting home devices to Telus modem?

Community Power User
Community Power User

What exact problem are you having? The Redlink should just be plug and play as long as the setup and operating instructions are followed.  Connecting the Redlink by ethernet should have no issues as the instructions do not mention requiring port forwarding.

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It just won't connect. It connected ok for a few minutes and then refuse to connect again. Tech guy who set up the thermostat says he encountered many instances when the isp is Telus and the modem is the white one as opposed to the black one.

I have the exact same issue...Telus tells me the problem is with Honeywell, the supplier of the device and Honeywell says its related to Telus.  Anyone?