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Port forwarding doesn't work?

Friendly Neighbour

I'm trying to set up a dedicated game server that uses default ports 2456-2458. I go through the self explanatory menus and open those ports up with the correct local IP the server is hosted on. Then when anybody tries to connect it just times out. Port checking websites show those ports closed. I can connect to the server via my local IP (playing on the same machine it's hosted on) so I know the server is working fine. The ports are just not forwarding as per the menu. I've been forwarding ports for over a decade and have never had this issue being unable to perform this simple action. Even placing my entire machine in the DMZ still shows the ports closed. I've tried rebooting the modem but the problem remains. Here is my modem details:



Model Name:TELUS Wi-Fi Hub
Firmware Version:v3.00.24 build06
Boot Code Version:0.00.01
Hardware Version:01

Community Power User
Community Power User

Which game is it?

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Friendly Neighbour