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Optik tv and orbi wifi 6 meah

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Just bought a orbi wifi 6 system to help with our poor wifi options in langley.

We have an optik pvr and 4 wireless 4k boxes paired to it .. do I need to plug the master pvr into the orbi directly to have them access that wifi network vs the standard telus wifi network from the 3200?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Unless the Orbi offers the multicast Wi-Fi network capabilities of the T3200M, you will not get satisfactory performance from your Optik TV. If the TVs are working satisfactorily, I’d leave them alone, then bridge LAN port 1 and set up the Orbi for the rest of your network.


If you want to switch to the Orbi, yes, all 5 units will need to be connected to the Orbi, by wire or Wi-Fi. You may need to reset all the Wi-Fi Optik units to work with the new wireless network.




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In my experience that will not work. All Telus optik tv boxes must be connected to a Telus modem. I used to run 2 networks at home when I was still using a Telus modem. One for tv that all boxes where on connected to the modem and then I put port into bridge mode, (allows your orbi to pull a second IP address to avoid any double NAT issues) then I would connect the main orbi unit to port 1 on the T3200m, and to help ensure that you have a good wifi experience hardwire all the orbi satellites back to the main orbi router. That way youre not on a wireless backhaul. You can even go into the GUI of the T3200m and turn the 2.4Ghz band off and set the 5G to be hidden (not off or the wireless stbs won't work) hope that helps. 🙂

How would you hardwire the other satellites to the main orbi if you’re not using a switch?

I can confirm that Orbi works with Optic TV Boxes, only need to enable IGMP on Advanced Wan setup, and as you mentioned then pair all the wireless boxes with the Orbi. PVR in my case is not wifi capable, need to be wired to the orbi router or satellite. 

Anyways, having Telus t3200 port 1 (bridge) to Orbi and disabled / hide wifi works exactly the same. I dont know if there any benefit or not, just assuming an extra hoop?