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OpenVPN Client setup


I have subscribed to SurfShark VPN service and would like to setup the OpenVPN client with a VPN router (RT-AC66U B1). This VPN unit WAN port is connected to the Telus Actiontec T3200 lAN port. 


I am able to install the ovpn file and activate the VPN service within the VPN router. I am able to get internet traffic from it as well. However, I am still getting the telus IP when perform the ip location check. It is like the VPN is never there. 


Can someone provide any inputs? thx 


Community Power User
Community Power User

Try testing without the Telus T3200M, and see what happens. I expect the Telus router seeks a Telus IP address, as you are still on their network, until you exit their premises.


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