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Not sure why this is so difficult


I have Telus Optik TV, internet and home phone.  I am very attached to my home phone.  It comes with 1 calling feature of either call waiting or call display.  For decades I had call display with no problem, but they have recently upgraded my buildings entry panel and now I need to have call waiting so that deliveries etc can buzz through if I am on the phone.  The other day medical help was trying to get to me, but couldn't because the entry panel should my line was being used (I was on the phone).  Anyhow I pay about 14$ a month for the phone.  I called Telus today to see how much it would cost to add call display and they told me I would have to pay $35/month.  Does that not seem unreasonable to you?  Like Telus can't just add call display to my line?  The person I talked to was adamant that was all he could do, and then he put me through to some loyalty line that just rang and rang.  Why is this so hard?  In this day and age having call display is a safety issue, but I don't want to have to pay and additional $20 a month for it!  That's absurd.  I have been a customer for decades, but come on.  


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. Another option would be to swap out the one feature for the other so as to not incur any additional charges.