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No free gift?!?

Just Moved In
I received a letter a while back with a promo offer. I accepted a 2 year contract and picked the $150 gift card over the Apple TV (already have Apple TV). Upon confirming this offer over the phone I was told my gift card would be mailed and to me within 5 business days. Two weeks past, nothing, so I phoned back to check if everything was ok as I was beginning to worry. At this point I was told that no tracking number was created (I could already see this on my online account) but was assured it was with the back office and that I would be receiving my gift card, now within 10 business days. 3 weeks went by, nothing. Phoned back AGAIN after being assured I wouldn’t need to phone back and I was being taken care of. Well that call was made only to find out that both people I talked to gave me the wrong informatation. My gift card was mailed out via regular mail in the first place taking 4-6 weeks to get to me. I was assured the latest I would see my gift card (yes I understand holidays affect this somewhat) was December 30th 2019. I was also told I got a $100 credit to my next bill as I politely shared I was very disappointed in this service and would never have signed up for this if this is what I get for service. The rep I talked to even agreed this was not a good situation and apologized on behalf of his co workers. Well guess what? Here we are January 3rd 2020 NO GIFT CARD NO CREDIT APPLIED TO MY MOST RECENT BILL!!!! This is some of the WORST customer service I’ve experienced... and I have previously worked in customer service for years with many companies/seen some pretty bad situations. I’m disappointed beyond belief with TELUS and my once very positive view on their “amazing” customer care is completely jaded. I’m at a loss for words at this point and most certainly will not renew any contacts moving forward... they lead to empty promises and deceiving uninformed employees. I do not support these sales tactics and never thought telus would act in this way. What happened?!?!