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Network architecture for 1.5gb fibre upgrade

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Hey all,

I recently upgraded from gigabit to 1.5gb fibre and the guy came out to do the install. He unplugged the old gateway and plugged the Nokia ONT directly into the new Technicolor NAH’s 10gb port. He then plugged the 6E wifi booster into on of the NAH’s 1gb port.

How can I re-arrange this to get the true 1.5gb speed? If I had known at the time that the NAH only had 1 port that was greater than gigabit speeds, I would have pushed the tech a bit more. As the Nokia ONT needs to be plugged into the NAH via an Ethernet jack, am I just out of luck?

Would I be able to put a switch with 2.5gb ports between the ONT and the NAH… plugging my Ethernet connections and the Booster into the switch as well? Something tells me no.

Thoughts? Advice?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@NFtoBC or @Nighthawk are you aware of any workarounds?

Community Power User
Community Power User

No comment really, other than I understood the 1.5 GB was an aggregate, and not expected on a single device. 
Since you aren’t going to get gigabit speeds on Wi-Fi, using the 1GB port for the Wi-Fi 6 makes sense.


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