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Service Agreement


I just renewed my homes services for 2 yrs (good til Nov 2025) for about $100/month before taxes.  The service agreement i received shows that the total i would pay is $100/month before taxes but then 2 of the credits they give me would expire in a month and mid 2024.  I called back today and the agent i talked to said he has fixed it and that all the credits would be good til Nov 2025.  I then receive a service agreement, now showing 2 credits that are expiring next month and 3 mid 2024.  The service agreement I received looked worse than before.  I then called Telus back and this rep said on their billing system it shows all credits are good til 2025.  There's nothing they can provide me as proof other than their word and an email they composed themselves that give the most basic info.  Why is it that the service agreement I receive on my account is different than what was agreed on the phone?  And why is that allowed?  Why couldn't I be issued a service agreement that matches what is promised to reassure me that I'm getting what is agreed on and not have to deal with the hassle of calling in again when it does end up being wrong? 


Community Manager
Community Manager

I can't speak to how the service agreement is presented as it relates to discount codes, but if you send a private message my way I can ask someone to take a look for you to confirm those details to bring you peace of mind.