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Network Switch

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I’m wondering if an unmanaged networks switch can be used with optik tv and Wi-Fi boosters? Do you need 1 switch for each?

I prefer to have my optik boxes and boosters wired. I have a prosafe Netgear unmanaged 24 port switch but when I hook up everything I get issues with the optik tv feed.

Thanks for your feedback

Community Power User
Community Power User

Yes, you should be able to watch Optik & run Boost devices through a switch. How many you need depends on your network setup.


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If a switch is causing Optik problems it likely means the device has some form of multicast (IGMP) snooping that is interfering with these special packets that the Optik network requires to work properly.  


If the device is unmanaged that can be a real problem since you would not have a way to disable the feature.  A web managed or fully managed switch usually has a way to disable the feature or disable it for specific ports.  


In theory this feature would help to keep this traffic from being repeated on all ports of your switch so that only the ports with an Optik TV box attached will receive the IGMP multicast streaming packets and other network devices do not receive the data.  But in practice most network switches have poor quality implementations of this feature and only cause problems.  The most frequent issue you see is that the channel only works for a short time after first switching to the channel.  Or it might work for 15 minutes before going black and switching to another channel and back resumes the stream for another burst of a few minutes at a time until the IGMP timeout in the switch expires.  


For your specific model of switch you should search the documentation at Netgear to see if there is a utility that can configure the switch to disable the IGMP snooping feature.  It may not be a fully managed switch but I have seen several of their models have some mid level of configuration available either in a web browser or using one of their prosafe utility programs to make changes to the specific model of switch.  it's kind of a "semi-managed" switch.


For example: