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Moving from a Telus Home Service Area to a place with No Telus Home Service

I’m moving from Edmonton to Miramichi, and am around my 1 year into my 2 year plan. I’ve seen mixed responses, but Telus Wifi doesn’t have coverage in Miramichi, some people say I will be able to leave my contract without having to pay and others say I still will. Anyone have any clarification?


@JayBird Wrote: Anyone have any clarification?




Under the section of " What happens if I move to an area where TELUS does not provide service?


If you move to an area where TELUS does not provide service, you will have to terminate your service agreement. Any remaining account balance will become due, and early cancellation fees may apply as per your service agreement. Rental equipment must be returned to TELUS upon cancellation of service, otherwise you will be responsible for the replacement cost.


I would suggest you call TELUS at the following and discuss the matter with the billing/accounts department. 1-888-881-2323 Monday to Sunday: 9am to 7pm.


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