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Moving To A New Apartment, What Do I Need To Do?


In a week I'm moving to a new apartment, I still have a month or two left on my Telus plan and was wanting to bring it with me to the new place, what do I need to do. Do I have to notify them and get a technician or can I just move my router there?



@marekmais wrote: Do I have to notify them and get a technician or can I just move my router there?


Contact Telus and discuss the move. I'm sure that behind the scenes configuration must be completed prior to the move.

As it will take a few days to set an appointment if a tech is required to attend the new location, I would contact them as soon as possible.


I'd start with the chat function, and if that doesn't work, the following number and departments should be able to assist, Technical Support: 1-888-811-2323, Account, billing & sales support: same number: 1-888-811-2323


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Community Power User

Here are Telus' guidelines:


Move your TELUS Home Services - TELUS Moving | TELUS


I hope it helps.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.

The checklist on the link that FuzzyLogic shared is pretty detailed & Dr Pacman's suggestions are on the mark! 


A minor addition would be, if you have any important video/virtual meetings scheduled within the installation window that require a consistent data connection, to utilize your Mobile phone's data/hotspot or an alternative data source (or just go old school regular phone call, lol!)  so as to avoid interruptions! 🙂 


Good luck with the move!