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Maximum Number of Devices Wifi

Hi there,

I have the new arcaydian wifi hub with gigabit internet. I have couple wifi devices drop connection occasionally, and they’re not far from the router. I do have a bunch of smart home devices, could this be caused by having too many wifi devices on the network?

1) does anyone know how many wifi devices the wifi hub can handle?
2) does expanding it using the telus wifi boosters increase the # of devices the network can handle?

Community Power User
Community Power User

I'm not sure what the limit is but you may find this useful:


How Many Devices Can One Wireless Router Handle? (


1) My experience with various routers is that most will handle at least 25 devices or so. My Netgear Nighthawk became unstable after that. My Asus RT-AC86U is currenlty handling 45+ without any problems.

2) No. Boosters only extend the coverage. The client device capacity will still be determined by the router resources and firmware.